Monthly Archives: August 2018

What I’m Pondering – Finding Your Life Purpose

“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?” -John Green I learned a fascinating concept while traveling through Okinawa, Japan: the locals call it Ikigai, or translated, the reason to live. And if anyone has mastered how to live, it’s the Okinawans. The island is know […]

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Turtle Island

Whew, I need a vacation from my vacation. Just kidding 😛 I decided to check out a small island off Samui called Ko Tao, a tiny island with just one main road. While it’s supposed to be a very relaxing island, I didn’t get quite so lucky… Right when I got to the ferry port […]

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Hostel Life

Alright, this has been brought up enough times that it deserves its own article. Why do I purposefully seek out hostels instead of hotels? It sometimes seems as if people put hostels on the same level as a back alley motel… This is 100% not the case! Other than cost, there are tons of benefits […]

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The Full Moon

It’s known as the biggest party in the world. It takes some people, and I’m sure it creates some new people too… And it happens to take place right on my doorstep. The party that is! Not the creating new people… The Full Moon Party is on the night of the full moon every month […]

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What I’m Pondering – Pushing Forward

Remember the last time you found yourself in a seemingly impossible situation? You are not alone. But the key word here is “seemingly.” No situation is impossible. You may have thought it was impossible at that time, but think about it now. You’re here, you survived, and you LEARNED from the situation. You are stronger […]

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