Monthly Archives: October 2018

Arrival to the Homeland

Sicily, Italy Dedicated to my great-grandparents, Antonino & Antonina Pidalá   I’ve always wanted to visit the small town up in the Sicilian mountains where my great-grandparents were born, and it could not have been a better place to top off my trip to Asia. The small town is called Longi, a picturesque little commune of […]

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What I’m Pondering – Remembering You Will Die

Memento Mori Is it crazy to say that I believe regularly reminding yourself “I must die” can be the happiest, most motivating and freeing exercise for positively influencing your life? Lucky for me, I am not alone in this thought! “Remembering you must die,” or in Latin, Memento Mori, is a key aspect of Stoic […]

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