1/ I'm sharing the 10 ideas I'm most excited about in crypto right now. If you're building something in crypto or thinking about doing so - check it out.

We’re building lots at Coinbase, but we don't have time to tackle everything. So I figured I'd share these. Bear markets are…

Like seemingly everyone on this app I have plenty of opinions about Twitter > X and figure now is a good time to open up a bit about my experience at the company.

I tweeted for years into the void for the love of it like many of you, but after selling my startup to Twitter in…

Stability AI unveils Stable Diffusion XL 1.0, now available on Amazon Bedrock for developers worldwide #StabilityAI #AI #AIcommunity #TextToImage #OpenSource #AWS #SDXL

I am looking forward to this meeting with @POTUS on the dangers of AI and what we can do to prevent harms already impacting everyday people seeking mortgages and housing, in need of medical treatment, encountering workplace surveillance, & more @AJLUnited

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